Ciociaria: The first Borgo Villaggio for summer 2020

La vacanza. Nuovi sorrisi, nuovi luoghi da vedere e amare, nuove risposte da scoprire e da vivere.”

Fabrizio Caramagna

We are slowly getting back on the road, perhaps by bicycle or on foot, alone, in the car or on a sailing boat, certainly awareness and responsibility cannot be missing.

Covid-19 has changed our habits, our choices and the way we travel.

It is time to rediscover ourselves and rediscover the beauty that surrounds us.

A slow holiday– discovering slow and sustainable tourism

Arpino, the village of Cicero, Lazio
Arpino, Lazio.

For an active, sustainable and safe holiday, the first Borgo Village in Arpino, in the province of Frosinone, in Lazio, has born. A small village full of history, art, illustrious characters and culinary excellence. A holiday suitable for everyone, in the name of the slow life of the village, between art and history, anecdotes and traditions perfectly maintained over time. A holiday that will welcome you with open arms to make you feel like real “Ciociari”.

The city of Arpino is also a candidate for the Italian Capital of Culture both in 2021 and 2022.

Perhaps not everyone knows it but Arpino is also the city of Cicerone, the “Orange Flag of the TCI” and represents a cultural, historical and artistic point of reference in the area. It is certainly one of the most beautiful stages of the Way of San Benedetto.

Why choose Ciociaria – a thousand-year-old land

View of Frosinone, Lazio - 20 Regions of Italy
Frosinone, Lazio

Ciociaria, synonymous of the province of Frosinone and of all the popular traditions of its territory, lends itself perfectly to being the “Borgo Village”. Favorable for its central position, between Rome and Naples, it is rich in uniqueness such as the Acropolis and the great Benedictine Abbeys, the most beautiful villages in Italy and the green valleys and hills.

Throughout Ciociaria, the quality / price ratio of restaurants with trattorias, restaurants and agritourisms immersed in the rolling hills is excellent. Rich in attractions, a stone’s throw from Arpino you can appreciate the waterfall of Isola del Liri, the Abbeys of Casamari in Veroli and San Domenico in Sora and from the Tower of Cicerone you can see the Lazio side of the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park.

The experiences – A smart holiday

A holiday in search of authentic experiences, new flavors and sensations. The ideal opportunity to fully experience nature, learn to recognize plants and manage a vegetable garden, go trekking in the woods and horseback riding, prepare Ciociaria recipes, make wine and, why not, learn Latin too.

A journey in which to rediscover the connection. A new connection with nature, people and the territory.

20 Regions of Italy – Our travel proposals for a sustainable summer

The garden of Ninfa, Latina, Lazio, 20 regions of Italy
The Garden of Ninfa , Lazio.

Together with our team we have tried to adapt to the best to support tourism in a difficult moment, trying to satisfy the new needs of our travelers. Thanks to the territorial knowledge of local collaborators, we have created travel proposals in the various regions of Italy to make you live a summer of sustainability and safety.

If you plan a slow, authentic, exciting and, above all, sustainable holiday for your summer 2020, click here to discover ours Slow Tours.