Turuziello Farm: Sorrento flavours, traditions and nature

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Qui dove il mare luccica,

E tira forte il vento

Su una vecchia terrazza

Davanti al Golfo di Surriento.

Lucio Dalla

a family with a culinary history

We tried one of those experiences ourselves that are a must-have for our travelers when visiting the Sorrento Peninsula. 

We are talking about the farm of Turuziello

A small family business where the passion for nature and authentic and genuine things descends from generation to generation.

The farm is located in a small hamlet of Massa Lubrense, Schiazzano, famous for the cultivation of precious and fragrant lemons. 

Right there in the middle of the scent of nature, among the steep rocks overlooking the sea in the distance, it is still possible to savor the genuine taste of the past. The flavors of the Turuziello farm.

 Artisanal products with an unmistakable flavor are made with passion and respect for the cycles of nature. After all, the history of the family goes back to the 19th century, when the De Gregorio family, nicknamed “I Sorbettai”, moved to Schiazzano.

 This curious nickname derives from their ability to make lemon sorbet. For this reason, the family was in great demand both at village events and at the most prestigious receptions.

Love and nature: gourmet experiences

After being warmly welcomed in the small square of Schiazzano, the tour began with a fun first experience in “ape calessino” which they use to call their Ferrari, and all up at Turuziello, between narrow alleys and tales of local anecdotes, we arrived in no time.

 Before you leave, make sure you are fasting, you don’t know what is waiting for you.

Nature allows us to create simple things and, as you know, simplicity is the best.


Nature allows us to create simple things and, as you know, simplicity is the best.

The mozzarella-making show consists of coagulating the milk at the moment to make the “caciottine”, then processing the freshly made curds in the dairy and tasting the freshly made mozzarella.

 It was incredible to witness the transformation of simple milk into mozzarella in real-time.

 The farm’s milk from which the cheeses are made comes from high-quality cows such as Agerolese, Frisona, and Pezzata Antica.

The moment of revelations, dairy secrets and pleasures.

A mix of freshness and goodness: Ricotta, Caciottina, and fior di latte mozzarella.

We got to know “Mr.” Provolone del Monaco DOP first, and then tasted, in combination with a couple of glasses of wine of different ages, a small dessert always made with ricotta cheese and organic jams of the season before the limoncello that concluded the visit to the farm Turuziello.

The constant feeling, throughout the day, was that of having never eaten anything so good before.

The taste of the homemade bread soaked in flavored oil was indescribable, not to mention the ‘Queen’, the buffalo mozzarella, and the skill with which the owner, Benedetto, was able to handle it. Pure ‘simple’ art.

Observing and touching live this traditional show and, above all, being able to taste and distinguish the deliciousness of each product, will make you feel like living a dream. An eno-gastronomical dream.

At the end of the experience, we took our “Ferrari” to reach the center of Schiazzano, just the time for a stop to drink yet another good coffee and to go back to the Amalfi Coast.

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