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20 Regions of Italy organizes tailored trip throughout Italy, from the most famous and renowned places to the most secret and hided ones.

Our team offers you the possibility to discover different regions of Italy helped by local guides that, with their knowledge of the area, will allow you to live the most enchanting places in their true colors.

Only those who live in a place know all its secrets, so for that our offer stands out for its uniqueness, based on a strong presence in all the territories and on a deep knowledge of the traditions.

Our itineraries and experiences are created just for you and with you, in order to offer something unique and exclusive, tailored to your wishes.

Italy offers a lot of itinerary and the opportunity to choose where to go – and how – is born from the meeting of your discovery desire and our professionalism and knowledge of the territory.

In addition to the wonders of this extraordinary country, you’ll experience as well the thrill of staying at the best hotels facilities, which are part of an unique and touching journey.

Local assistance, guaranteed 24/7 by our team of local partners on site, will allow you to peacefully  enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation and a tailored quote.

Alessandra Magi

CEO of 20 Regions of Italy based in Milan (Lombardia)

Degree in Business and Economy at the Cattolica University of Milan.

Passionate of travels and knowledge, I immersed myself in one thousand and more cultures and traditions of all the countries I’ve visited. I’ve explored all the continents of the world and more than 40 countries! I’ve worked for several years as a Tour Operator, proposing destinations in Oceania and in the Pacific Islands.

Travelling and living in those places, I’ve had first the opportunity of getting to know and appreciate them, then the chance to organize unforgettable journeys realizing the dream of many travelers.

After travelling around the world, both for business and delight, I decided, along with our team, to welcome the world to my – our – house, to my – our – beautiful and rich country.

Irina Dragutan

Web content & Social media manager

Gratuated in Tourism Sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Passionate of travels and communication , I take care of the website and the social networks of 20 Regions of Italy.

Each month I pick for you events, stories, recipes and images that can tell you and allow you to taste part of the beauty and goodness hided in the country of Dante and Leonardo.

I love animals , sport and travel to discover uncommon destinations and experiences.

I await you in order to make you experience the uniqueness of every corner of this spectacular country.

Elisabetta “Ely” Schiavo

Travel planner

Travel agent and consultant, with thirty years of experience in the tourism field.

I was born in a beautiful little town of Cilento, today well-known for its Mediterranean diet. Finding myself observing the infinite horizon right in front of me and teased by the idea of discovering what was beyond it, I started my long journey around the world.

My traveler and adventurous soul let me appreciate the little details of every country, city and places visited, to the point of falling crazily in love not once, but thousand times, for the thousand universes I’ve met.

I had the chance to work first for the biggest tour operator and then to move towards the field of tourist villages, where I had the opportunity to learn about assistance and direct attention to the client.

My wandering, both for work and fun, allowed me to look at my land in a different way, so much so that I wanted to come back in order to share with the world, in collaboration with out team, the love I feel and let as many people as possible to experience the thrill that only traveling can give you.

Sabrina Lucio

Travel Planner

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Milan.

I’m passionate about travel and cultural exchanges, I’m specialized in planning events and itineraries especially in the mountains.

I have worked for several years as a language teacher and interpreter, I have travelled to different countries, I love to communicate and collaborate with people by listening to them and satisfying their needs.

That’s why I can’t wait to propose our travel ideas and make the dreams of our travelers come true.

Valeria Landi

Travel Planner

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Pisa. 

My greatest passions are reading, cooking but, above all, traveling.  

I was born in the city of the Leaning Tower, where I still live and where I have been working as a  tourist guide for more than ten years. I joined the world of tourism a bit by chance and finally made a job of it. I have met millions of people from all over the world and all cultures, and each one of  them, in their own way, with their own stories, has made me travel, even if only in my imagination. 

Italy, with its thousands of colors, landscapes and traditions is waiting for you; I’m ready to turn  your dreams into a wonderful reality. 

Arianna Della Beffa

Travel Planner

Graduated in Political Science from Milan State University.

I am passionate about travel and social sciences, specialised in travel and event planning with a luxury positioning.

I worked many years as a PR and researcher, I live between Milan and Venice.

I love researching new destinations and creating tailor-made trips because it gives me the opportunity to get to know my beloved country, creating customised itineraries, because every trip is a journey, at the back of the journey one wants to bring home an experience of happiness.

Promoter Travel Srl

Travel Agent and Tour Operator – Padova (Veneto)

Administrative partner of 20 Regions of Italy. His job is to deal with payments and contracts. VAT: 03486720240 – Licence N. 45052




Language courses and cultural activities

Trusted partner with whom we collaborate to create new travel proposals combined with language courses.