“Up from the sea, slow and rose-colored / the Ligurian evening, perdition/ of lovers’ hearts and far things” (Vincenzo Cardarelli)

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Located in the Northwest and bordered by France, Liguria is a colorful and region rich of flowers, overlooking the Ligurian sea and characterized by high and jagged coasts. It’s a land of wonderful and natural views, both in the hinterland, with its medieval villages perched up on the hills at the foot of the Ligurian Alps, and on the coasts.

The Cinque Terre, a cluster of ancient fishing villages, in addition to the splendid sea, gives you the chance to take one of the most beautiful trails in Italy, Sentiero Azzurro, or even Riviera dei Fiori and Riviera delle Palme.

Genoa, port city and one of the five Italian maritime republics, is the capital of Liguria: important for its merchant and commercial activities, today it’s included in the UNESCO heritage list, while in more ancient times it was a landing place for Greeks and Romans.

Ligurian culinary specialties, which cannot be reproduce elsewhere, such as pesto with its unique flavor, or focaccia (of Recco, for example), make this region even more unique and enjoyable.



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