Sicily: Sailing the Eolie Islands

A week on a sailing boat in the paradise of the Eolie islands, exploring the sea of Sicily, a land with a past rich in history, culture and unique flavors.

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“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.”

Christopher Paolini

The Eolie Islands on a sailing boat are a natural concentrate of beauty, energy, taste, fun like few others in the world. Day after day it will be a succession of sailing, long baths, itineraries ashore and festive evenings. Seven wonderful islands of Sicily with something beautiful to tell. Stromboli with its “Iddu”, the volcano; Panarea with its beautiful bays and its vibrant night; Salina, silent and magical; Filicudi with its blue sea and its night of aperitifs; Alicudi the most beautiful and lonely; Vulcano, magnificent and adventurous; Lipari, a sea and party island.


Sailing the Eolie Island
The Boat

Large cruise boats, beautiful and comfortable for an exciting sailing holiday or in small regatta boats, fast and fun to challenge each other between the buoys, you will have the opportunity to get on board and enjoy all the beauty of the sea and sailing. In this proposal we offer a 13-meter boat with 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms with linen and bath towels.

Discovering the Seven Sisters
Marvel of Tyrrhenian Sea

You’ll visit the islands of the Eolie archipelago, all of volcanic origin and each with its unique characteristics but all incredibly full of charm. Vulcano, large and full of beauty, Terasia or “hot land” as they called it Greeks and Romans for the presence of the imposing volcano that dominates the island and watches over it like an old guardian. On the island you can enjoy the benefits of thermal and sulphurous waters by immersing yourself in the “mud pit”, in the “warm sea” or in the “fumarole”. Lipari, more than an island, a myth, it is the largest island in the archipelago. Unmissable stop, the bay of the pumice quarries. Salina, it is an island of land before sea. It is “garden” of the Eolie Islands, a pleasant green oasis that enchants for its flourishing nature and for the traditions that its islanders jealously guard. Panarea, deserted, wild, it is a fascinating island that gives those who visit it unforgettable moments.

Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi
Magic colors

Stromboli, the “black pearl”  of the Eolie islands. High cliffs interspersed with black sand beaches, wonderful coves and caves. The black palette is tinged with other intense colors, however, from the white of the Mediterranean houses to the green of the palms and olive trees and the intense blue of its sea. And yet, the bright red of the mighty volcano stands out, which with lapilli and explosions illuminates the infinite starry sky at night. Filicudi, the fishermen’s village is considered “the magical island” the one where you can admire sunsets with ever-changing colors, where you can breathe an almost mythological atmosphere. Do not miss a swim in the Canna and the Grotta del Bue Marino and the aperitif in Pecorini where the setting sun lights up the colors of the fishermen’s houses that populate the small village. Alicudi, the smallest of the Eolie islands, it is one of the symbols of the Mediterranean. Lonely, pristine and timeless, it is foreign to urban noise. Therefore, there are no cars, the only means of transport are the donkeys and the only noises are those of nature.

Sicilian delicacies
Eat and drink

We are in Sicily, one of the best places to eat in the world and you can taste all the good that these land can offer on the table. The food for the galley will be made of local and fresh products, which come from local producers with whom we have built relationships of mutual trust. Wine cannot be missing and you can drink it well without spending too much. Salina is the island of wine and cellars, you can visit one to hear its history and taste its wines.

A look from above and one at the bottom of the sea
A land to explore

Snorkeling you will have the opportunity to take a look under the sea. Perfect islands for long baths with mask and fins in which to go on long snorkeling courses among the uncontaminated seabed of these islands. Here the water is always hot and it will be a pleasure to remain immersed for hours and hours. From the bottom of the sea to the top of the volcano. With a trekking, accompanied by a guide, it is possible to make the ascent of Stromboli to enjoy one of the most incredible shows that exist. The walk is demanding, but with a little courage, endurance and good preparation it will be an experience difficult to forget. Other activities are possible such as quad biking on the most beautiful paths of Vulcano, along the dirt roads of the island that will lead you to admire the most beautiful views of all the Eolie Islands.

Note: The tour can be customized based on your needs and all the services are subject to availability at the moment of booking. The estimated rates must be confirmed at the moment of booking

Tour: what is included or excluded

Included in the price

  • Boat cost
  • Experienced skipper
  • Personal sheets and towels
  • Initial sanitization and final cleaning
  • Service inflatable boat
  • Outboard motor
  • 24/7 local assistance
  • Itinerary planning

Excluded from the price

  • Flight/Train
  • The consumption fee (galley and fuel)
    40 euros per person per day to be paid directly on site
  • Transfers Tourist tax

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    Sicily: Sailing the Eolie IslandsThe arcipelago of the Eolie Islands
    Duration - 7 Days
    Advised period - April - October
    The tour starts from - Milazzo
    The tour ends in - Milazzo
    Num. of travelers - Min. Flexible
    Estimated rate (per person) - € 1200
    The rate is based on 4 people
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