“We could simply remember that the three great languages of the theatre are Venetian, Neapolitan and Sicilian. Languages that help to perform behaviors, allusions, false bottoms able to feed themselves with the gesture, as it happens in the English of Shakespeare.” (Toni Servillo)

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Veneto, located in the northeast of Italy, extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic sea, passing through a broad hilly area and a plain crossed by rivers, canals and the Po Delta. Characteristic for the venetian coast is the lagoon landscape, where an unparalleled city of the world rises up – the enchanting Venice.

Within these magnificent landscapes, we can find a rich, cultural heritage that makes Veneto a land of particular interest: from the cities of arts to the marvelous Palladian villas scattered along the Riviera del Brenta, to the small villages like Arquà Petrarca, Monselice, Asolo, Bassano del Grappa that gather the most characteristic aspects of this region. We will taste one of the most famous wine – prosecco of the Valdobbiadene – and, following the footsteps of Shakespeare, we will visit Romeo and Giulietta’s birthplaceVerona, where one of the English author’s most famous works took place.


Veneto: The tours

Veneto, Italian language course amidst prosecco hills

It's time to learn Italian

Veneto, Italian language course amidst prosecco hills

A week where you will have the opportunity to learn Italian with a small group and admire the cultural and gastronomic heritage, surrounded by the Prosecco hills.

Italy, from North to South a journey through the Slow Cities

Slow Tour

Italy, from North to South a journey through the Slow Cities

From North to South, twelve days in your car to visit the cities of good living. An exciting and sustainable journey to look at Italy with different eyes.

Venice, art, bacari and chicheti

Food and Wine tour in Venice

Venice, art, bacari and chicheti

A tour to discover the magic and history of a unique city in the world, including art, culture, islands, food and wine delicacies.

Palladian Villas and local product tastings

Palladian Villas, food and wine tour

Palladian Villas and local product tastings

A two day tour with a private guide to discover the beautiful Palladian Villas of the Valle dei Mulini, including a visit to the historic Bisazza Foundation in Montecchio Maggiore, in the Vicenza area.

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