Campania and Magna Grecia, myths and legends

An eight-day tour to discover Cilento, characterized by sea nature and culture for an evocative itinerary.

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“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”

Vincent Willem van Gogh

Eight days in Campania to discover a wild land, Cilento, where the past is still present in the daily life of this people. You will have the opportunity to discover the origins and history of the Mediterranean diet, which was declared a UNESCO intangible heritage in 2010. You can explore on foot the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni. You will visit the Archaeological Park of Velia Elea, one of the most important cultural attractions of Cilento. Food cannot be missing, one of the fundamental elements of Cilento’s culture and way of life. Cooking workshops and visits to educational farms will allow you to get to know the traditions of peasant civilization up close.


Cilento art and culture
Archaeological Park of Velia and Certosa Di Padula

Let’s start with the ancient city of Velia with a visit lasting about three hours. The Archaeological Park of Elea-Velia, also known as “Scavi di Velia”, is one of the most important cultural attractions of Cilento and represents the main evidence of the Greek settlements in Magna Grecia. It also offers a fascinating route especially for those who love trekking and nature. The whole park develops through a path, until reaching the final destination, a wonderful Acropolis called theTorre di Velia, a tower built in the Middle Ages.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to visit the Borgo di Padula, in the province of Salerno, in the Vallo di Diano.  An ancient place whose first human presences date back to the times of Magna Grecia. The Certosa di Padula, is one of the largest monasteries in the world and among those of greatest interest in Europe for its architectural importance. Recognized by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site“, the “Certosa di San Lorenzo” represents a monumental building, divided on the basis of two classical rooms of the Certosa, in “Casa Bassa” and “Casa Alta”. Afterwards, you will visit the home/museum of Italian-American Joe Petrosino, the great, legendary Joe, the most famous policeman in America.

A dip in the nature of Cilento
Archaeological Park of Velia and Certosa Di Padula

You will visit the Gulf of Policastro, a karst area dominated by gorges, sinkholes, underground ducts and caves. Later on, Morigerati, an ancient village perched on a promontory at 268 meters above sea level. Orange flag of the Touring Club, Morigerati is one of the most successful ecotourism experiments in Campania. Here time passes slowly and everything revolves around the naturalistic oasis. The “Grotte del Bussento”; Oasis, established in 1985, is the most important conservation project of WWF Italy and is included in the list of world Geoparks. A place that seems to come out of fairy tales is “Cascata i Capelli di Venere” (Hair of Venus waterfalls), in Casaletto Spartano, a small town with just over a thousand inhabitants, in the Capello area. Here the air is much cooler than the surface, it is difficult to exceed 10 degrees. The waterfalls also create natural pools, where the most reckless ones bathe, given the rather
freezing water temperature, even in summer. The “Capelli di Venere” waterfalls are a must for all those who pass through Cilento and want to immerse themselves in an earthly paradise.

Cilento art and culture
Archaeological Park of Velia and Certosa Di Padula

Directly on the beach, free lunch at the “La Scogliera”, to taste the blue fish or a takeaway fried fish, with a breathtaking sea view. Guided visit to the Chirico estate, educational farm, where you can try your hand at a didactic laboratory with buffalo mozzarella or Mortella (Mirto). Here you can delight yourself with the typical products that this land offers because in Cilento the mediterranean diet is at home and the traditions of peasant civilization continue to remain unchanged.


Sea and beyond
Capo Palinuro and the "Path of Lovers"

To capture one of the most exclusive sunsets in Cilento, we recommend a trekking to the “Path of Lovers”. It is one of the most popular trekking paths in Cilento, in the Mediterranean maquis, it is almost exclusively made of steps and offers a splendid view of the “Gulf of Velia” and “Punta del Telegrafo”. It is also possible to see Capo Palinuro, almost always visible for the countless clear days. The path can be addressed both for those who love trekking and for tourists who want to enjoy an enchanting view of the Gulf of Velia. The final destination of the Path of Lovers is the Saracen tower, known as the Telegraph Tower.

Visit to Palinuro, Italy’s best known promontory: Capo Palinuro. You reach the village, a short ride in the middle of the alleys and then to the port to rent a small fishing boat. A tour of mythological legends, caves and crystal clear waters is starting for you to be envied by the caribbean.

The wide and sandy beaches (like that of the Dunes) alternate with rocky stretches accessible only by sea where true natural jewels are hidden such as the “Del buon dormire” beach, the Marinella” beach, the nearby Mingardo” beach whose enchanting landscape has been chosen as a film location.

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  • Padula Charterhouse entrance ticket and Guide
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  • Tourist tax (where applicable)
  • Meals

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    Campania and Magna Grecia, myths and legendsDiscovering Magna Grecia
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