Abruzzo and Molise

“Boccaccio made one of his protagonist say: Further on than Abruzzi – so that to create this sense of distance, seclusion, wonder. And this can be used as a proverbial expression defining the condition and the history of people from Abruzzo”
(Mario Pomilio)

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Abruzzo and Molise are confining regions in the central-south of Italy with a mainly mountainous and still-wild territory.

High up in the mountains, among unspoiled peaks and rocky walls, we can find tourist and ski resorts equipped for all kind of winter sports.

The natural view from the high and arduous peaks of the Gran Sasso is spectacular, as well as the trail from the mountains to the sea that runs through territories rich in history, traditions and artistic exemplars that never cease to amaze.

A lot of natural reserves and national parks provide protection to animal and plant species typical of the area, such as the golden eagles, the wolves and the Marsican brown bears.

Abruzzo, the greenest region of Italy, is filled up with fascinating small villages in the hinterland, monasteries and castles that indicates to the travelers different tour itineraries, while Molise is a little ancient world, for its customs and traditions still alive.

Abruzzo and Molise: The tours

Abruzzo, snowshoeing through National Park

Snowshoeing through National Park

Abruzzo, snowshoeing through National Park

A eight day tour where you'll be immersed in nature, between relaxation, local delicacies and snowshoeing. You'll discover three wonderful mountain areas: the Majella National Park, the Gran Sasso and the Monti della Laga National Park and the Voltigno plateau.

Heart of Abruzzo

Adventure, food and wine tour

Heart of Abruzzo

A four day tour to explore the Tirino River and the Monti della Laga National Park. Different and exciting activities for lovers of nature excursions, from mountain biking to Nordic walking, without renouncing to know the artistic and culinary culture of this fantastic region.

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