“From a landscape point of view, the main feature of this region is that all you need is to move few kilometers to find very different places and atmospheres, and that there isn’t just one Piedmont but ten, twelve, fifteen!” (Sebastiano Vassalli)

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Located in the northwest of the peninsula, Piedmont – which means “foot of the mount” – is the land of the mountains, as the name itself suggests. Surrounded on three sides by the Alpine chain, Piedmont includes the highest peaks and the widest glaciers of Italy. This region is rich in unparalleled beauties, ancient villages, castles and noble residences. To visit Piedmont will be like to time travel, from the artistic and architectural beauties of the Roman age to the Medieval ones, from the Baroque style to the current futuristic design. A region with a thousand of faces: from Turin, which became well-known in the 1900s for its automotive tradition, as well as for its history and esoteric culture, to the little historical centers such as Alba, well-known for the truffle, and Ivrea, bathed by the Dora Baltea and included in the UNESCO heritage list.

Arts and culture walk side by side with a wide variety of food and wine tradition, that boasts delicacies such as the king of wines – Barolo, and the “grey diamond” – the truffle.

Between scents and flavors, expanses of water and paddies, long rows of poplars and old farmhouses typical of its picturesque valleys, Piedmont is a region to discover.


Piemonte: The tours

Piemonte, balloon flight and Barolo

Food and wine tour and balloon flight

Piemonte, balloon flight and Barolo

An exciting hot air balloon flight, flying over magnificent hills, winery visits and tasting of the best wines of the Barolo area, in Piedmont

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