“Finally, we go down to the sea. In Sardinia you always feel it, hundreds and hundreds kilometers from the coasts, shining in the airs from every corner. It’s a true island, Sardegna, inside its splendor and its storms. And it smells of something brackish even up to a thousand meters.” (Elio Vittorini)

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Second Island in Italy by size, located in the center of the Mediterranean, with a mainly mountainous territory without high peaks, Sardegna offers to the visitors an unique natural environment, sour and sweet at the same time. Some areas are almost empty; wide surfaces have remained magically untouched, with the sole presence of deer, wild horses, big birds of prey and thousand-years old trees. The emerald sea, one of the most beautiful in the world, will leave you breathless. It bathes the coasts but also surrounds small isles of rare and inexplicable beauty, like la Maddalena or Caprera. The North of the region, wilder and rockier, is different from the South whose coasts are an expanses of white and very fine sand. Sardegna is an island that amazes the traveler for its lights and its colors, a country with very ancient traditions, immersed in a wild and unspoiled nature. Those who prefer the mountains will have the opportunity to discover the Gennargentu region, the widest Sardinian mountain range, desired destination for those who love to climb and to reach the summits, from where it’s possible to admire breathtaking natural landscapes. Among its wonders, Sardegna offers the Nuraghi, unique monuments in the world, proofs of an ancient and still mysterious culture existed between the XV and the VI century b.c. These are archeological sites where it’s still possible to find evidences of ancient rituals. Apart of the Nuraghi, the tombs of the giants scatter the region, crammed with legends and pure energy released by the stones that compose them.

Sardegna is not only nature but also a lot of amusement, food and good wine. You can’t leave the island without a taste of the Sardinian Porceddu eaten with an excellent Cannonau, the most renowned red wine of this region, peak of a long list of local recipes which are different from area to area.

Sardegna is pure magic.


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Sardinia in the heart

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Sardinia in the heart

One week itinerary full of experiences, exploring a heavenly island, under the banner of the sea, relaxation and good food.

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