Trentino Alto Adige

“Bolzano is opulent, modern, but its beauty is gothic: long streets lined with colonnades, embellished not so much by this or that building, as by the movement of corners and ledges, that create backdrops, games of light” (Guido Piovene)

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Trentino Alto Adige, located in the northwest of Italy, fascinating land of confluence and meeting point between the Latin and the Nordic world, it guards a remarkable cultural heritage: prehistoric proofs, fascinating castles, shrines and cities of historical and artistic importance. Its history has to be read step by step among the mountain trails, the blossoming valleys and the cities rich in art and culture.

The Dolomites, UNESCO heritage, create a fantastic scenery with their incredible variety of landscapes: majestic peaks, woods, wide valleys, watercourses, lakes – such as the enchanting Lake Braies. A region that offers a vast ski area, different thermal places and fabulous resorts providing treatments for a regenerating vacation.

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