“And then, the Umbrian God, found an amazing blue for the sky and an even more beautiful color to paint the distances and the mountains. For this reason, Umbria is so miraculously blue; the bluest of all the land” (Karel Čapek)

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Umbria, a small region in the center of Italy, confining with Tuscany, stands out for its soft, green hills as well as for its cities and small villages rich in history, festivals and traditions.

Romanesque churches, gothic cathedrals, basilicas and ancient palaces show the great artistic production that gave immortal masterpieces to Umbria from the XII to the XVI century. An example not to be missed is Assisi, the marvelous city of S. Francesco.

Art and craftsmanship, both expressions of the great medieval and renaissance culture, have improved over the centuries through continuous exchanges: Deruta and its well-known ceramics, Gubbio, renowned handcraft center brought it to prominence in the XVI century thanks to the works of Mastro Giorgio Andreoli.

The Sagrantino food and wine assortment is excellent and brought to you through the most mystical and evocative itineraries of the region.

Perugia, the capital of Umbria with the famous University for Foreigners, is well-known for being an important cultural center as well as for the chocolate. In fact, every year, in addition to being the protagonist of the international acclaimed Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia hosts the best chocolate event: EuroChocolate.

Umbria: The tours

Italy, from North to South a journey through the Slow Cities

Slow Tour

Italy, from North to South a journey through the Slow Cities

From North to South, twelve days in your car to visit the cities of good living. An exciting and sustainable journey to look at Italy with different eyes.

Discovering Umbria

Beauties of Umbria

Discovering Umbria

An original combination of atmospheres, mysticism and enological traditions along the most suggestive places of this region.


Chocolate exhibition


The sweetest moment of the year, from the 16th to 25th October 2020, in Perugia – an event dedicated to the chocolate culture and its traditions.

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