Valle d’Aosta

“The air is pure, the places beautiful, calm and quite: you feel regenerate. I couldn’t imagine that the Aosta Valley was such a beauty” (Ave Nichi)

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In the northwest of lo Stivale, on the border between France and Switzerland, there’s the tiniest region of Italy. Its territory is primarily occupied by mountains that create an alpine climate. Dotted with majestic peaks, we can find the highest summits of the Alps: the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa, the Gran Paradiso and its majesty the Mont Blanc.

Jewel of the region is undoubtedly Courmayeur, one of the world most important ski resort, as well as homeland of the mountaineering and birth place of the first school for Alpine guides. In the background of imposing mountains and magnificent valleys, you will find the Gran Paradiso, an extraordinary national park where you get to observe the animals in their natural habitat: chamois, golden eagles and, of course, the Alpine ibex, symbol of the park.

Although the Aosta Valley is only slightly arable, this region boasts artisan culinary delicacies, especially cheeses, such as Fontina, often found melted in the typical mountain food: the Polenta.

To visit the Aosta Valley means to live the traditions of its valleys, jealously handed down for generations.


Valle d'Aosta: The tours

Valle d’Aosta, horseback riding through villages and castles

The wonders of horse riding in nature

Valle d’Aosta, horseback riding through villages and castles

Four days tour in the Aosta Valley among exciting horseback rides, nature and local flavors.

Valle d’Aosta, ski and panoramic terraces

Ski and panoramic views

Valle d’Aosta, ski and panoramic terraces

A week on the snow dedicated to winter sports, and relax exploring wonderful panoramic terraces on the highest peaks of the Alps.

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